Interpreting teams for your events

Do you need an interpreting team for one or more languages? You’ve come to the right place.

Simultaneous interpreters usually work in a team. Due to the high level of concentration required, they take turns after 20-30 minutes.

For many years, we have assembled interpreting teams for a variety of event formats: conferences in both European and non-European languages, meetings or supervisory board meetings with individual language pairs, and multilingual traveling delegations.

Large-scale events

Large-scale events are also part of our portfolio. In one instance, we interpreted for a multi-day event attended by over 90,000 participants. It required the interpretation of more than 50 individual events in 15 languages at 12 different locations in the city. We organized and coordinated 18 interpreting teams with 36 interpreters over the course of three days. With great success. Because we know that every detail counts and treat every type of interpreting assignment with the greatest care and precision.

We act as an interface – all preparations, such as the forwarding of materials to interpreting teams or organizational and technical coordination, are carried out in the background to save you time and hassle. We are also happy to provide the necessary interpreting equipment.

And when organizing interpreting teams for conferences abroad, we use local interpreters wherever possible.

Our interpreters

We work with an extensive network of experienced, highly qualified interpreters. Dedicated and enthusiastic, they specialize in a wide variety of fields (from automotive technology to zoology) and can quickly and comprehensively familiarize themselves with new topics. Employing local interpreters also allows us to optimize time and travel costs.

    Good to know

    Our interpreters:

    • are highly qualified, professional conference interpreters
    • have extensive experience in the required subject areas
    • thoroughly prepare and research all materials in advance of your event
    • are deployed as close as possible to the event location in order to reduce travel costs

Your contact person

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